WaferSense® Auto Leveling System 2 Vertical™ (ALS/ALS2V)

Speeds setting the right inclination by measuring pitch, roll, rise overrun and vertical inclinations. Quickly and accurately set the same level across tools for better process uniformity.

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Enhance process uniformity with objective and reproducible level adjustments.

Take the human element out of adjusting your equipment with objective numerical measurements. Easily and quickly review and store measurements with CyberSpectrum™ software graphical user interface. Make the right adjustments time after time. Attain better tool-to-tool process uniformity with leveling that is repeatable, technician-to-technician. Easily detect warped deposition rings and tilted furnace boats with horizontal inclination measurements. Enhance Ion Implant process control with vertical inclination measurements.

Reduce equipment maintenance time with wireless measurement.

Collect and display inclination data wirelessly with ALS2V and CyberSpectrum™ software. See the effects of your adjustments in real time, speeding equipment alignment and returning it to productive use faster.

Reduce particles and increase yield with improved equipment set-up.

Enable reliable and smooth wafer transfers by ensuring wafer cassettes, boats and FOUPs are parallel with robots. Minimize particle generation by ensuring transfer pins are parallel with pedestals and end effectors. Optimize plating and implantation processes with accurate inclination.
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Optimize Equipment Setup

Measure the inclination of cassettes, FOUPs, end effectors, aligner, load locks, transfer pins and process chamber pedestals to fully characterize your production equipment. Wafer-like and vacuum compatible, you don’t need to expose process areas to the fab environment.


Available in 200mm and 300mm wafer sizes.

Highly accurate

Measures horizontal and vertical leveling to 0.03 and 0.05 degrees respectively.


Transmits data wirelessly to your laptop or PC in real-time.

Easy-to-use software

CyberSpectrum: Displays real-time visual feedback. Digital readout allows more precise adjustment. View log file data for review and analysis.