Models 250, 500, 1000

XLP Laser Scanning Probes

Industry best speed, accuracy and resolution for laser line scanning technology available in a variety of laser line lengths.

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With the ability to scan everything from small highly detailed parts, to large automotive and aerospace parts, XLP probes are the answer for precise laser scanning.

Shorter Inspection Times

Obtain high speed point cloud data collection with a 70% faster scan rate.

Save time with fast program set up with Surveyor Scan Control (SSC) and direct plugins to other inspection and reverse engineering software packages.

Scan efficiently with a gigabit ethernet connection versus USB that’s plug and play ready for existing CMM’s.

Better Accuracy and Resolution Performance

Gain an accurate 3D representation of a part or object with high resolution point cloud data with 50% improved accuracy and 30% higher resolution.

NIST traceable factory calibration ensures the measurement results from the XLP correlate to accepted standards.

Versatility for Multiple Applications

Scan a variety of surfaces and finishes without the need of special coatings with advanced suppression controls and 3D filtering features.

In a clean room, factory floor, or metrology lab, common applications for the XLP Laser Scanner include: part-checking against CAD, dimensional inspection, GD&T measurements, reverse engineering, and more.

Application Tools Library for Integrators

The Application Tools Library contains all the tools essential for data capturing, buffering, and outputting profile data.

Consisting of ActiveX controls and available in object form for all popular PC-based development enviornments, the library provides a straightforward integration path for application software developers and system integrators.

3D Scanning System Integration

XLP laser probes are fully integrated with CyberOptics Surveyor 3D scanning systems and are available to retrofit on traditional CMM’s.


Standoff distance
XLP 250 XLP 500 XLP1000
53mm 60mm 125mm
66mm 95mm 205mm
79mm 120mm 285mm

Depth of Field

XLP 250 XLP 500 XLP1000
30mm 60mm 160mm
Line Length
XLP 250 XLP 500 XLP1000
23mm 40mm 56mm
25mm 50mm 86mm
29mm 60mm 115mm


XLP 250 XLP 500 XLP1000
6µm 12µm 24µm


XLP 250 XLP 500 XLP1000
6µm 12µm 24µm

Resolution (Point Spacing)

XLP 250 XLP 500 XLP1000
19µm 39µm 78µm

Typical Application

XLP 250 XLP 500 XLP1000
Small to medium parts Small to large parts Medium to large parts

Sample count

1280 points/line

Sample Rate

100 Hz
128,000 points/sec

Weight (probe only)
Size (h x w x d)

131.17 x 93.5 x 44.398 mm


Accuracy is the allowable 3σ error of the measured position of a vertex target at 12 positions within the Laser Field of View, repeated 10 times


Repeatability is the allowable 3σ error of the measured position of a vertex target repeated 10 times for 12 positions within the Laser Field of View.