3D Scanning System

Surveyor® DS Series

Speed attaining highly precise 3D measurements with full automation and dual-scan (CMM + Laser) capability.

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Attains Highly Precise measurements

Offers excellent stability and rigidity through passive anti-vibration technology while scanning at maximum speed and acceleration.

The integrated controller supplies smooth, accurate, high-speed 3-axis movement for all measuring applications.

Speeds attaining measurements

Enables significant reduction in Time-to-Market.

Operators can quickly and easily digitize simple or complex parts of all sizes and geometries.

Provides easy-to-use automated 3D scanning capabilities

Utilizing the CyberOptics XLP Laser Scanning Probe with industry leading speed, accuracy and resolution, the Surveyor DS-Series provides automated scans of up to 7 axes of motion for complete coverage from a single program. All of the data collection is contained in a common coordinate system, giving an accurate digital representation of surface captured. Interactive joystick control and rotation settings provide smooth, accurate, high-speed movement for all measuring applications.

Surveyor Scan Control (SSC) software provides optimization for part specularity, data density control, and filtering as well as macro programming capabilities for automating repetitive applications and eliminates operator involvement. The 3D point cloud data can then be processed further with optional software from companies such as Geomagic.

The turnkey system is highly automated for quick and easy scanning.

Versatile for a variety of applications and parts

Systems are available in many sizes to accommodate a variety of parts and applications.

The turnkey system quickly and easily scan simple prismatic shapes and geometry, free-form surfaces, or complex-shaped objects for inspection, analysis, or reverse engineering applications.

A variety of laser probe options are available based on the size and level of detail on the objects to be scanned. Parts such as plastic, wood, cast or stamped metal, rubber components, EDM electrodes, extrusions, molds, dies, and impressions of all kinds, are all typically measured items.

3D Scanning System Integration

XLP laser probes are fully integrated with CyberOptics Surveyor 3D scanning systems and are available to retrofit on traditional CMM’s.


Ideal for

Part Sizes from: 0.5”³ to 40” x 60” x 24”


Bridge-type CMM with stationary machine table and lateral bridge drive.

Special Features

Steel crossbeam and spindle. Preloaded high performance mechanical linear bearings with wrap around guideways in all axes. Passive anti-vibration system.

Choice of Laser Probe

XLP 250, 500, or 1000