Fast, Flexible Double-Sided Inspection for All Applications

QX250i™ 2D AOI

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QX200i™ is also available
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The QX250i™ AOI system offers fast, flexible and high performance inspection for all applications and is ideally suited for pre-reflow and selective solder inspection. The top and bottom high-resolution Strobed Inspection Modules (SIMs) with enhanced illumination provide a single platform for the inspection and defect review process that shortens the production line and drives ~50% productivity improvement.

‘On-the-Fly’ High Performance

Inspect ‘on the fly’ with 2 SIMs (Strobed Inspection Modules) with enhanced illumination for high performance 01005 and solder joint inspection.

High Speed

Speed productivity by ~50% with dual top and bottom SIMs

Fast, Smart, Easy-to-use software

Reduce training efforts and minimize operator interaction with the AOI software’s intuitive interface, multi-touch controls and 3D image visualization tools take ease of use to a whole new level.

Speed programming with AI2 (Autonomous Image Interpretation) to keep it simple – no parameters to adjust or algorithms to tune.

Improve yields with full-fledged machine-level to factory-level SPC capability with powerful historical analysis and reporting tools included in CyberReport™. Improve traceability for process verification and yield improvement.

2D AOI Sensor Technology

The SIM (Strobed Inspection Module) is at the core of every CyberOptics’ 2D AOI system. Designed and manufactured exclusively by CyberOptics, the SIM delivers high performance inspection at 110cm²/sec – And, it is absolutely calibration-free.


AI² (Autonomous Image Interpretation) technology in the QX250i ensures ultrafast programming and is capable of getting you from zero to production ready in less than 13 minutes*. Powered by an 80-megapixel sensor, QX250i™ significantly improves solder joint and 01005 inspection performance.

Ideal for Post Wave and Post Selective Solder Inspection

From pre-reflow inspection to post wave and post selective solder inspection, the QX250i provides crisp images for more accurate defect review.


Inspect and check for defects including coplanarity, missing pins/ components, insufficient solder, solder bridge and many more.

Board Length

Min. 50 mm (2 in.)/ Max. 400 mm (15.7 in.)

Board Width

Min. 50 mm (2 in.)/ Max. 308 mm (12 in.)

Component Height Clearance (max)

Top: 35 mm
Bottom: 34mm

Inspection Speed

110 cm²/sec


See brochure for QX200i specifications.