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CyberOptics Award-Winning SQ3000 AOI software is now even more powerful

Packed with ultra-fast programming capabilities, auto tuning and enhancements, CyberOptics advanced 3D AOI software can significantly speed set-up, simplify the process, reduce training efforts and minimize operator interaction. Plus, robust 3D image visualization tools and multi-touch controls for superior ease-of-use. All saving time and cost.

Intuitive, Easy-to-Use

Combined with AOI software, the SQ3000 incorporates Multi-Reflection Suppression technology (MRS) and highly sophisticated 3D algorithms offering microscopic image quality at production speeds. MRS technology suppresses any reflections that can distort the data, especially on shiny components, enabling precise 3D representation while the architecturally superior sensor design captures and transmits data simultaneously and in parallel – The result is unmatched speed and accuracy.

CMM Software Suite (Add-on)

NEW Coordinate measurement (CMM) technology, a comprehensive software suite of coordinate measurement tools provides highly accurate, 100% metrology-grade measurement on all critical points much faster than a traditional CMM, including coplanarity, distance, height and datum X, Y to name a few.

Faster, Smarter Programming

AI² (Autonomous Image Interpretation) technology is all about keeping it simple – no parameters to adjust or algorithms to tune. And, you don’t need to anticipate defects or pre-define variance either – AI² does it all for you. With AI², you have the power to inspect the most comprehensive list of features and identify the widest variety of defects. AI2 offers precise discrimination with just one panel inspection making it the perfect solution for high-mix and high-volume applications.

Fast, Scaleable SPC Solution

CyberReport offers full-fledged machine-level to factory-level SPC capability with powerful historical analysis and reporting tools delivering complete traceability for process verification and yield improvement. CyberReport is easy to set-up and simple to use while providing fast charting with a compact database size.