Video: Improving Yields and Tool Uptime with In-Line Particle Sensor in Semiconductor Environments

As presented during PhotoMask Japan 2021, Ms. Vidya Vijay, Senior Program Manager, CyberOptics, discuses the importance of minimizing particles in semiconductor fab environments. Stringent manufacturing requirements and a focus on maximizing yields and tool uptimes drives a need for best-in-class practices for a contamination-free process environment. Quickly identifying when and where airborne particles originate as well as the source of the contamination proves challenging.

The In-Line Particle Sensor™ (IPS™) can be installed in gas a vacuum line locations that are process sensitive to particles for tool set-up and process diagnostics. For example, it can be installed at the vacuum line in between the EUV process chamber and the vacuum pump, saving significant time compared to current methods of sending a monitor dummy reticle into the EUV system to check for particles before and after sending the reticle into the EUVL. The IPS is always on and collecting particle data, which is especially critical during chamber purging.