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CyberOptics is committed to contributing to a greener future by following the already established environmentally responsible processes and practices in place and complying with industry and regulatory standards. We also strive to enhance and increase our sustainability efforts.


We are a certified ISO9001:2015 organization where the focus is on the quality of companywide processes employed in the provision of products and services and we focus on ensuring our operations, products and services have minimal impact on the environment. CyberOptics fosters a culture that recognizes the importance of committing to environmentally friendly practices.

Environmental Policy

E-Waste Recycling and Disposal

Hazardous Materials

Production Waste

Packaging Waste

Office Recycling and Waste Minimization

Recycling and Minimizing Plastic Bottles & Service ware

Water Management/Resource Conservation

Energy-efficient Lighting

Reducing Auto and Air Travel

Renewables for Energy and Electricity

Employee and Social

CyberOptics believes that human rights are a fundamental right of every employee and believes all employees must be treated with dignity and respect. As such, our Human Rights Policy is intended to augment the CyberOptics Code of Conduct with an emphasis on the highest standards of human rights related conduct.

Human Rights Policy

Company Culture and Values

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Harassment and Discrimination Free Workplace

Training, Development and Engagement

Payment, Work Hours and Work Conditions

Safety, Health and Well Being

Freedom of Association

Child and Forced Labor

Suppliers and Contractors

Data Privacy and Security

CyberOptics remains committed to following our Data Privacy Policy and being transparent about the practices that protect information. We have incorporated General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Acts in accordance with EU laws and will comply with these regulations. We remain committed to staying abreast of the evolving global data protection requirements and modifying our practices as required.
We are also aiming to strengthen our cyber security policy and practices to include multi-factor authentication, stronger anti-phishing and anti-ransomware protections.

Data Privacy and Security Policy