Supporting the 3D Megatrend in Semiconductor Manufacturing

By Francoise von Trapp, 3D Incites

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At SEMICON West, Dr. Subodh Kulkarni, President, and CEO, CyberOptics, gave me a demo of the company’s MRS sensor technology that is being integrated into semiconductor inline inspection systems for optical inspection of bumps and Cu pillars used in 2.5D, 3D, and wafer-level packaging processes. Check out the video on Twitter.

MRS stands for Multi-Reflection Suppression. It is a 3D non-contact optical sensing technology that uses digital light projectors to project patterns of light onto an object and measures x, y, and z dimensions to determine its height. MRS can do 2D and 3D inspection in the same pass, making it 2-3x faster than alternates.

“Customers in fabs or OSATS follow various steps making bumps or pillars. Before they flip the chip and glue it, they want to know the bumps and pillars are the right height and in the right location,” explained Kulkarni, “It is possible to rework or repair bumps and pillars using an additive process. If the device being build is a high-end GPU, you’ll want to take the time and fix the bump.”

CyberOptics will be showcasing its MRS 2D and 3D technology at SEMICON Taiwan. Stop by Booth L0310