High Speed

SE500™ Ultra / SE500-X 3D SPI

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You can choose the Dual Illumination sensor option for best repeatability and reproducibility results – even on the smallest paste deposits. (SE500Ultra only)

High Speed Inspection

Speed inspection with high speed single illumination sensor and on-the fly measurements at 210cm²/sec.

High Accuracy all-in-one scan

‘All-in-one’ scan technique integrates fiducial, barcode and range scans into one, seamless scan sequence with the SE500ULTRA™ sensor. Dual illumination sensor for improved repeatability is optional.

Fast, Smart, Easy-to-use software

Reduce training efforts and minimize operator interaction saving time and cost with the powerful yet simple software with intuitive multi-touch interface and 3D visualization tools.

Reduce rework costs, increase throughput, improve quality with feedback, and feed forward capable SPI Systems with leading Solder Paste printer and SMT Mounter vendors.

Improve yields and reduce downtime with the CyberPrint Optimizer™ predictive process improvement capability that automatically optimizes the print process by proactively analyzing current trend data.

Improve yields with full-fledged machine-level to factory-level SPC capability.

Ultra 3D SPI Sensor Technology

For improved repeatability on smallest paste deposits, you can choose from the ULTRA and Dual Illumination sensor options on the SE500ULTRA. Pads as small as 100 microns (4 mils) can be accurately measured with the MicroPad sensor. And, it is easy to swap with the standard sensor too – so you can plug-and-play whenever you need to.

Board Size (Max.)

SE500Ultra: 510 x 510 mm
SE500-X: 810 x 610 mm

Board Size (Min.)

SE500Ultra: 50 x 50 mm
SE600-X: 100 x 100 mm

Inspection Speed @ 30µm

SE500Ultra: Up to 210 cm²/sec
SE500-X: 108 cm²/sec peak

Inspection Speed @ 15µm

SE500Ultra: 80cm²/sec
SE500-X: 65 cm²/sec peak

Gage R&R
Under controlled conditions

SE500Ultra: <<10%, 6σ
SE500-X: <<5%, 6 σ on Printed Circuit Board; <<2% 6 σ on Certification Target