Best Performance + Lower Cost of Ownership
for Memory module Final Vision Inspection

MX600™ 2D AOI

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The MX600™ is designed with SIM Technology (Strobed Inspection Module) with enhanced illumination – delivering the best Automated Final Vision Inspection for singulated memory modules.

With simultaneous dual-sided inspection at High Resolution (12μm) and an in-line multiple module gripper to minimize handling tact time, the MX600 enables 50% productivity improvement while providing the lowest false call rate and zero escapes.

‘On-the-Fly’ High Performance

The SIM on the MX600 is designed with enhanced illumination – delivering the best 0402 and final vision inspection performance ever. With an 80 Megapixel sensor and higher resolution (12 μm), you get crisp, perfect quality images for more accurate defect review.

High Speed

The dual SIMS provide a single platform for the inspection and defect review process that shortens the production line and drives ~50% productivity improvement.

Fast, Smart, Easy-to-use software

Post-test defect types, pre-shipping inspection capability includes: components edge, damage PCB corner, goldfinger discolored / burnt / badly scratched, gold tab inspection - lifted tie bar, burnt, contamination, and physically damaged components.
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2D AOI Sensor Technology

The SIM (Strobed Inspection Module) is at the core of every CyberOptics’ 2D AOI system. Designed and manufactured exclusively by CyberOptics, the SIM delivers high performance inspection at 110 cm2/sec – And, it is absolutely calibration-free.


MX600 is equipped with SAM (Statistical Appearance Modeling) vision technology to give you the power to inspect ‘anything’ while keeping programming extremely simple – no algorithms to tune or parameters to adjust. SAM works in perfect harmony with AI² (Autonomous Image Interpretation) technology to enable fast programming and reliable discrimination against defects.

Inspection Speed



12µm pixel size

Board Length
Board Width

Min. 25 mm / Max. 170 mm
Min. 17 mm / Max. 110 mm

Component Height Clearance (max)


Board Edge Clearance (min)

5.0 mm

Maximum Board Weight

3 kg