In-line Particle Sensor™ (IPS™)

24/7 detection of small particles in gas and vacuum lines.

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Speed equipment qualification with real-time 24/7 monitoring.

Collect and display particle data using IPS and new CyberSpectrum™ software for real-time equipment diagnostics. Compare past and present data as well as one tool to another easier and faster with CyberSpectrum. See the effect of cleanings, adjustments and repairs in real time. Save time by swiftly locating contamination sources.

Shorten equipment maintenance cycles with inline particle sensing.

Detect particles in real-time and correlate measurements with tool events. Develop a baseline performance for tool and process. Simplify maintenance cycles by selectively servicing portions of a tool causing particle generation.

Lower equipment expenses with objective and reproducible data.

Receive early warning for impending equipment failures and optimize your preventative maintenance plans.

Real Time 24/7 Monitoring

Based on our WaferSense® Airborne Particle Sensor™ technology, IPS utilizes a high power blue laser to quickly monitor, identify and enable troubleshooting of particles down to 0.1µm within gas and vacuum line locations for process sensitive applications.

Mechanical Interface

ISO-63 flange (standard configuration)

Highly accurate

Measures particles greater than 0.1μm

Less than 5 false counts per hour

Vacuum Integrity

Less than 10-6 atm-l/sec leak rate


Certified to Laser Class 1