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EasyTom 130 & 150 Micro CT Scanners are x-ray inspection machines allowing a collection of complex internal and external geometry. The EasyTom 3D CT scanners features high-resolution digital radioscopy, versatility for a wide variety of applications, 6 motion axis and large volume inspection.

Parts with small, complex & fine geometry benefit especially from CT technology, since they are very difficult to measure using even the most advanced, laser-based scanning or CMM technologies.

Real Time Scanning for Fast Measurements

Attain measurements in real time with high resolution digital radioscopy

Attains highly precise measurements

Capture highly accurate measurements at 10µm Accuracy and 4µm resolution

High accuracy motorized rotation and 3 Axis translations

Provides easy-to-use automated 3D scanning capabilities

Easy to use 3D micro and computed tomography system

Versatile for a variety of applications and parts

Easily verify structure of 3D printed metal parts

Full inspection of large size samples and high volume inspection.

Capture all Surfaces, both External and Internal

Metrology grade CT inspection allows a complete 3D capture of complex internal geometry of parts without needing visual access – the process is nondestructive.


CT scanning helps you capture all surfaces, both external and internal, of complex and free-form parts without damage to the object.

Safety Cabinet

• Footprint: 2100x1100x2000 mm / 82.6“x43.3“x78.7“
• Lead / Steel construction and X-ray safety interlocks, designed to meet X-ray safety regulations.
• Motorized door with automatic locker during X-Ray emission.
• Large scanning volume (diameter x height): 320 mm x 420 mm


• High accuracy motorized rotation and translation axis.
• Imager lateral and vertical shift option for enlarged field of view and decreased ring artifacts.
• Air-bearing rotation stage option, takes up of sample weight.

X-Ray Generator

Several options and combinations available:
• Sealed or open type micro-focus tube.
• Open nano-focus tube (160 kV)
• Voltage up to 230 kV (several options available).
• Resolution down to 400nm/voxel
• Various targets and filament types available


Several options and combinations available:
• High resolution flat panel detector
• Large area flat panel detector
• CCD sensor