For Improved Yields and Process Control.

Improve your inspection and metrology processes with CyberOptics’ unparalleled portfolio of systems – The Ultimate combination of Speed, Resolution and Accuracy.

When you need the best combination of speed, resolution, accuracy and ease-of-use for inspection and metrology for SMT applications, count on CyberOptics for premier process control solutions. CyberOptics systems can find critical defects and measure critical parameters, in order to fix what can be found and control what can be measured – the ultimate solution, particularly for the most challenging applications.

The SQ3000™ Multi-Function system offers a combination of unmatched accuracy and speed with the industry-leading Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) sensor technology that meticulously identifies and rejects reflections caused by shiny components and surfaces. Effective suppression of multiple reflections is critical for highly accurate measurement, making the proprietary MRS technology an ideal solution for a wide range of applications with exacting requirements.


Save Time & Expense

  • Improve yields, uptime and throughput
  • Improve Quality
  • Improve process control and operational efficiencies
  • Establish repeatable and verifiable standards
  • Reduce training time and resource needs
  • Reduce rework costs
  • Manufacturing facilities worldwide are significantly improving yields, quality and operational efficiencies using CyberOptics systems for automated optical inspection (AOI), solder paste inspection (SPI) and coordinate measurements (CMM).

Best Combination of Speed, Accuracy & Ease-of-Use

•Quickly identify critical defects and measure critical measurements, faster than alternate technologies.

•Attain highly accurate data with a variety of high-resolution sensor options, including the industry-leading Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) sensors for the highest degree of accuracy.

•Quickly train, program and operate the systems with easy-to-use, intuitive software suites.

Proven & Adopted

•Manufacturing facilities worldwide have increasingly adopted CyberOptics inspection and metrology systems to improve yields, quality and operational efficiencies.

•Customers have deemed CyberOptics’ systems best-in-class, particularly for the most challenging applications with the most exacting standards.

•Garnered 16 prestigious industry awards for Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) enabled systems.


SQ3000™ Multi-Function for 3D AOI, SPI & CMM

The Ultimate in Speed and Accuracy with Multi-Process Capability

SQ3000™ / SQ3000-X™ 3D AOI

The Ultimate in Speed and Accuracy

SQ3000 CMM for AOI

The Ultimate in Speed and Accuracy for Coordinate Measurement Applications - Seconds. Not Hours

SQ3000-DD™ & SQ3000-D™

Maximum Flexibility for Increased Throughput

SQ3000™ 2D AOI

New 2D Sensor with Enhanced Illumination

MX600™ 2D AOI

Best Performance + Lower Cost of Ownership for Memory module Final Vision Inspection

QX600™ 2D AOI

Ultra-Fast, Ultra-Versatile

QX250i™ 2D AOI

Fast, Flexible Double-Sided Inspection for All Applications

QX150i™ 2D AOI

High Value, Flexible Inspection For All Applications

QX150™ 2D AOI

Tabletop With In-Line Performance

SE3000™/ SE3000-X™ 3D SPI

A Leap Forward in Solder Paste Inspection

SQ3000™ for SPI

Ultimate in Speed and Accuracy for Solder Paste Inspection

SE600™ / SE600-X™ 3D SPI

High Precision Accuracy With World-Class Usability

SE500™ Ultra

High Speed

SPI V5 Series Software

Enables smarter and faster inspection, saving time and cost.
  • Reduce training efforts and minimize operator interaction saving time and cost with the powerful yet simple software with intuitive multi-touch interface and 3D visualization tools.
  • Optimize printing process, establish stencil cleaning cycles and fine-tune printer set-up.
  • Gain the power to do more with SPI results with closed loop feedback.
  • Improve the solderability of smaller components by using the printing offset data for compensating parts placement with forward capability.

CyberPrint Optimizer

Automatically optimizes the print process by proactively analyzing current trend data – first ever in the industry.
  • Improve yields and reduce downtime with its predictive process improvement capability.
  • Get started quickly with pre-defined templates
  • Customize with customizable rules for specific product needs.

AOI Software

Enables smarter and faster inspection, saving time and cost.
  • Reduce training efforts and minimize operator interaction saving time and cost with the powerful yet simple software with intuitive multi-touch interface and 3D visualization tools.
  • Speed programming and performance with AI² (Autonomous Image Interpretation) technology for set-up in <13 minutes with a data-rich, pre-loaded library and automated scripts that collect and update models all on their own.


Enables fast and accurate coordinate measurements (CMM)
  • Extensive suite of CMM tools for precise measurement of critical features
  • Significantly speed measurements compared to traditional CMM systems, with high accuracy and repeatability
  • Multi-process capable – 3D AOI, 3D AOM, 3D CMM


A complete Statistical Process Control (SPC), offers full-fledged machine-level to factory-level SPC capability to improves yields.
  • Attain effective process verification and control with traceability.
  • Identify trends and enhance line yields with real-time monitoring tools for historical analysis and reporting.
  • Reduce training with easy-to-set-up intuitive interface that facilitates quick learning.
  • Achieve fast parsing and charting speed with the robust and scaleable software, while enabling an extremely compact database size.