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CyberOptics is a leading global developer and manufacturer of high precision sensing technology solutions. CyberOptics’ 2D and 3D sensors are used in SMT, semiconductor and metrology markets to significantly improve yields and productivity.

High Precision Accuracy with Proprietary Multi-Reflection Suppression® (MRS®) Sensor Technology

  • Proprietary MRS® sensor technology, deemed best-in-class, enables metrology-grade accuracy by inhibiting optical measurement distortions and reflections. At the heart of the world’s cell phone manufacturing inspection systems and used in various applications where highly accurate inspection is critical.
Powered by the NEW Ultra-High Resolution 5-Micron Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS®) Sensor Technology

NEW SQ3000™+ Multi-Function for 3D AOI, SPI & CMM

SQ3000+ Multi-Function System with Multi-Reflection Suppression® (MRS®) sensor technology provides the ultimate combination of high resolution, high accuracy and high speed for inspection and metrology. It remains the only system on the market capable of performing AOI, SPI and CMM in-line. The new, ultra-high resolution 5 micron MRS sensor incorporated into the SQ3000+ is specifically designed for advanced applications with the most demanding requirements.

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New NanoResolution Multi-Reflection Suppression® (MRS®) Sensor Technology

For wafer-level and advanced packaging inspection and measurement, CyberOptics new proprietary NanoResolution Multi-Reflection Suppression® (MRS®) sensor technology meticulously identifies and rejects multiple reflections caused by shiny components and mirror-like surfaces. Effective suppression of multiple reflections is critical for highly accurate measurements.

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Award Winning SQ3000 & MRS Technology Awards

  • 2022 SMT China Vision Award
  • 2022 NPI Award (2)
  • 2022 Global Technology Award (3)
  • 2022 Mexico Technology Award (5)
  • 2022 EM Innovation Award (2)
  • 2021 Global Technology Award
  • 2021 Mexico Technology Award (4)
  • 2021 SMT China Vision Award
  • 2021 EM Innovation Award
  • 2020 Mexico Technology Award (3)
  • 2020 Global Technology Award
  • 2020 SMT China Vision Award
  • 2020 EM Asia Innovation Award
  • 2020 NPI Award (2)
  • 2019 Global Technology Award
  • 2019 Mexico Technology Award (2)
  • 2019 Best of West Award
  • 2019 SMT China Vision Awards (2)
  • 2019 EM Asia Innovation Awards (2)
  • 2018 Mexico Technology Award
  • 2018 EM Asia Innovation Award
  • 2018 NPI Award
  • 2017 Global Technology Award
  • 2016 Global Technology Award
  • 2015 Global Technology Award
  • 2015 EM Asia Innovation Award
  • 2015 SMT Vision Award

Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) Sensor Technology integrated into Systems in Key Segments

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Inspection & Measurement

Ultra-High Resolution 5 Micron MRS Sensor for SQ3000+ 3D AOI, SPI and CMM

SQ3000+ offers unmatched accuracy with the advanced MRS sensor technology by meticulously identifying and rejecting reflection-based distortions caused by shiny components and surfaces. Effective supp...

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MRS Sensor for SQ3000 3D AOI, SPI and CMM

MRS Sensor for SQ3000 3D AOI, SPI and CMM CyberOptics’ breakthrough 3D sensing technology comprising four multi-view 3D sensors and a parallel projector delivering metrology grade accuracy at producti...

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Ultra-High Resolution MRS Sensor for SQ3000 3D AOI, SPI and CMM

CyberOptics has advanced the proprietary Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) sensor to an even finer resolution with an accuracy of 7µm. The Ultra-High Resolution MRS sensor enhances the SQ3000 3D AOI ...

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Dual-mode MRS sensor in SE3000 for SPI

The new Dual-Mode MRS sensor for the SE3000™ SPI system provides maximum flexibility for dedicated solder paste inspection applications, with one mode for high speed inspection and another mode for hi...

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Semiconductor Inspection and Metrology

Ultra-High Resolution MRS Sensor for Semiconductor Applications

MRS Technology is an ideal solution for a wide range of applications including socket metrology and micro-electronic applications.

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NanoResolution MRS Sensor for Wafer-Level and Advanced Packaging Applications

CyberOptics 3- micron NanoResolution MRS sensor enables metrology grade accuracy with superior 100% 2D and 3D inspection performance for features as small as 25-micron. 100% 2D and 3D inspection can b...

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MRS Sensor for Back-End Semi

CyberOptics is an OEM supplier of proprietary MRS sensors to to KLA-Tencor (NASDAQ: KLAC) for KLATencor’s® BEOL package inspection systems.

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3D Scanning Inspection and Metrology

MRS Sensor for Coordinate Measurement SQ3000 CMM

SQ3000 3D CMM offers unmatched accuracy with the advanced MRS technology by meticulously identifying and rejecting reflections caused by shiny components making MRS an ideal technology solution for...

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MRS Sensor for CyberGage®360

CyberGage360’s patented algorithms combine tremendous amounts of data into a single coordinate system using high-precision encoder position feedback for mechanical metrology-grade part measurement....

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