Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory – SQ3000 Integration in Smart SMT Line

Published on Cogiscan

Cogiscan, the leading connectivity and TTC solutions provider for the electronics manufacturing industry, has partnered with CyberOptics, Heller and C2MI to implement a live showcase of Smart Factory solutions for electronics manufacturers.

This strategic collaboration results in a superior joint-solution that delivers seamless machine and software connectivity, integrated via a robust data management platform to a complete suite of applications, including traceability, material management and analytics among others. The Cogiscan TTC platform will be used to centralize all the information collected from the SMT Line and will share this data with C2MI enterprise systems, including their ERP and MES.

The resulting ecosystem of best-of-breed solutions from leading technology providers truly represent the smart connected factory of the future, delivering increased quality and productivity while reducing waste of time and resources. The Smart SMT line is leveraging the latest technologies and industry standards such as IPC CFX and Hermes.

“We are pleased that CyberOptics’ SQ3000™ 3D AOI system with Multi-Reflection Suppression™ (MRS™) sensor technology has been chosen as the best-in-class solution for integration into the SMT smart connected factory of the future,” said Dr. Subodh Kulkarni, President and CEO, CyberOptics Corporation. “Customers have recognized significant improvements in yields, processes and productivity with our inspection and metrology systems, and we are delighted our technology platform will be demonstrated in this live smart factory.”