CyberOptics to Showcase Metrology and Inspection Solutions at SEMICON China 2021

CyberOptics will feature the WX3000™ metrology and inspection system with Multi-Reflection Suppression™ (MRS™) sensor technology at SEMICON China, scheduled to take place March 17-19, 2021 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, hall N1, booth 1387 and 1325. The company also will demonstrate high-precision WaferSense® sensors for semiconductor tool setup and diagnostics.

The NanoResolution MRS sensor integrated into CyberOptics’ WX3000 system provides sub-micrometer accuracy on features as small as 25µm. While retaining its ability to reject spurious multiple reflections, it adds the ability to capture and analyze specular reflections from shiny surfaces of solder balls, bumps and pillars, allowing highly accurate inspection and 3D metrology of these critical packaging features. Complete 100 percent 3D/2D inspection and bump metrology can be accomplished 2-3X faster than alternative technologies delivering production-worthy throughput greater than 25 wafers (300mm) per hour.

“The need for high resolution, highly accurate, 100 percent inspection and metrology for wafer-level and advanced packaging continues to increase,” said Dr. Subodh Kulkarni, President and CEO, CyberOptics. “Not only does the WX3000 system provide these performance capabilities, but it provides the speed that alternative technologies lack.”

The company also will digitally demonstrate high-precision sensors that process and equipment engineers use in the front-end of the fab to speed equipment qualification, shorten equipment maintenance cycles, lower equipment expenses and optimize preventative maintenance plans. The WaferSense® Auto Resistance Sensor™ (ARS) enables real-time resistance measurements of plating cell contacts in semiconductor Electrochemical Deposition (ECD) applications, and the In-Line Particle Sensor™ (IPS) detects, monitors and enables troubleshooting of particles down to 0.1 µm in gas and vacuum lines in any areas of the fab 24/7.