CyberOptics to Present Technical Paper at SPIE Optics+Photonics 2021

SPIE Optics+Photonics 2021

CyberOptics will present at the SPIE Optics and Photonics Conference on August 1, 2021 during the Optomechanics and Optical Alignment – Alignment and Engineering Applications Session from 2:30 to 2:50pm PDT, in person and livestreamed.

Dr. Matthew Jungwirth, Senior Optical Scientist at CyberOptics, and SPIE Senior Member will present the technical paper ‘Quad Target Method: Optical Simulation to Model the Step Height and Projected Fringe Frequency.’ Sam Schmidt, Mechanical Design Engineer at CyberOptics, and Justin Sapp, Mechanical Design Engineer, CyberOptics are co-author’s.

High-quality imaging is typically dependent upon well-focused optical systems. We present further development of the quad target method, an alignment technique to linearize defocus for structured light illumination (SLI) systems. The sensitivity of the alignment technique is greatly affected by the step height of the quad target and the projected fringe frequency. A design methodology using optical simulation and tested with a commercially-available SLI system is presented and discussed.

The presentation will be on-demand starting August 1, 2021 through SPIE.

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