CyberOptics Demonstrates SQ3000 3D CMM at SIMM China

CyberOptics® will demonstrate its SQ3000 3D CMM for coordinate measurements and inspection, at the Shenzhen International Machine Manufacturing (SIMM) show at the Shenzhen Convention Center, China in hall 6, booth # 6J01.

CyberOptics’ SQ3000 3D CMM incorporates proprietary Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) sensor technology that meticulously identifies and rejects reflections caused by shiny surfaces, for highly accurate, repeatable and reproducible measurements in seconds, versus several minutes or hours that traditional CMMs typically require.
The SQ3000 3D CMM utilizes CyberCMM™, a comprehensive software suite of coordinate measurement tools for critical 3D and 2D features with reference to part datums.
Users can quickly set up for programming complex applications as compared to a slow, engineering resource-intensive set-up that typically requires multiple adjustments with traditional CMMs.

The Ultra-High Resolution MRS sensor enhances the SQ3000 CMM platform, delivering superior performance ideally suited for Socket Metrology and micro-electronics applications where an even greater degree of accuracy and inspection reliability is critical.