High Precision Accuracy With World-Class Usability

SE600™ / SE600-X™ 3D SPI

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The SE600™ brings together best accuracy and world-class usability on a single platform – making it the most ideal inspection solution for automotive, medical, military and other top niche markets.

High Accuracy

Attain the best GR&R results dual illumination sensor high GR&R.

High Speed Inspection

Speed inspection with peak 108 cm²/sec speed (avg 80cm²/sec)

Fast, Smart, Easy-to-use software

Reduce training efforts and minimize operator interaction saving time and cost with the powerful yet simple software with intuitive multi-touch interface and 3D visualization tools.

Reduce rework costs, increase throughput, improve quality with feedback, and feed forward capable SPI Systems with leading Solder Paste printer and SMT Mounter vendors.

Improve yields and reduce downtime with the CyberPrint Optimizer™ predictive process improvement capability that automatically optimizes the print process by proactively analyzing current trend data.

Improve yields with full-fledged machine-level to factory-level SPC capability.

Using white strobe light to project patterns of structured light on the surface of the printed circuit board (PCB). Full FOVs are acquired with each strobe and vibration effects are minimized – delivering high accuracy and consistent repeatability. Any PCB surface including flexible circuits can be measured as white light causes minimal diffusion. With its continuous image acquisition, you can be assured of fast, focused and reliable inspection.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ultimate Precision Accuracy
  • State-of-the-art Dual Illumination Sensor enabling ‘true’ height measurement with shadow-free imaging
  • High speed inspection with peak 108 cm²/sec speed (avg 80cm²/sec)
  • Award-winning, Newly Designed Software
  • Multi-touch Intuitive Software Enabling Shortest Learning Curve
  • Closed Loop Feedback Ready
  • CyberPrint OPTIMIZER™ Ready
  • Mounter Feed Forward Ready

3D SPI Sensor Technology

Designed and built by CyberOptics, the sensor is manufactured as an integrated unit with no moving
parts – which means no machine-to-machine variation either. Plus, there is no drift over time, no
parts to wear and absolutely no recalibration needed. The Dual Illumination Sensor comes standard
with the SE600.

Board Size (Max.)

SE600: 510 x 510 mm
SE600-X: 710 x 610 mm

Board Size (Min.)

SE600: 50 x 50 mm
SE600-X: 100 x 100 mm

Inspection Speed @ 30µm

108cm²/sec peak (80cm²/sec avg)

Inspection Speed @ 15µm

56cm²/sec peak (30cm²/sec avg)

Gage R&R*

<<5%, 6σ on Printed Circuit Board; <<2%, 6σ on Certification Target
*Under controlled conditions