SE3000-DD™ & SE3000-D™

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Provides flexibility to further increase productivity with high volume throughput, while relying on the unprecedented combination of speed, accuracy and ease-of-use of the SE3000 3D SPI.

Metrology Grade Accuracy at Production Speed

SE3000 DD SPI system offers unmatched accuracy with the revolutionary MRS® technology by meticulously identifying and rejecting reflections caused by shiny components and reflective solder joints. Effective suppression of multiple reflections is critical, making MRS an ideal technology solution for a wide range of applications including those with very high quality requirements.

CyberOptics has advanced the proprietary Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) sensor to an even finer resolution. The Ultra-High Resolution MRS sensor enhances the SE3000 DD platform, delivering superior inspection performance, ideally suited for the 0201 metric process and micro-electronic applications where an even greater degree of accuracy and inspection reliability is critical.

Flexibility at Its Best

The SE3000 DD 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) System is an extension of the award-winning SE3000™ 3D SPI platform. The dual lane, dual sensor system maximizes flexibility catering to varying PCB widths. This unique design provides the ability to inspect high volume assemblies, the convenience of inspecting different assemblies and board sizes simultaneously on different lanes, or even switching from dual lane to single lane mode to inspect very large boards.

Not only does the SE3000 DD provide PCB flexibility, it also provides the flexibility to choose two of the same or two different proprietary MRS sensors.

Fast, Smart, Easy-to-use software

The SPI V5 series software delivers world-class user experience with its intuitive interface, completely changing the way users interact with our system. With full multi-touch experience, SPI V5 series software offers a range of revolutionary features that enable smarter and faster inspection.

Flexibility at Its Best for Increased Throughput

With a smaller footprint than 2 SE3000 standard systems, the dual lane, dual sensor SE3000-DD features a smart conveyor design solution providing maximum flexibility to cater to varying PCB widths. This unique design gives you the convenience of inspecting different board sizes on different lanes or even switching from dual lane to single lane mode to inspect very large boards. With SE3000-DD, you can also quickly inspect different programs on different lanes as well as perform synchronous or asynchronous inspection.


Award-Winning MRS Technology


High Accuracy, Resolution and Speed


Easy-to-Use Software

Inspection Speed

Standard MRS Sensor: 35 cm²/sec (2D+3D)

Ultra-High Resolution MRS Sensor: 15 cm²/sec (2D+3D)

PCB Size (Max.)

SE3000 DD: Single Lane: 510 x 510 mm (20 x 20 in.); Dual Lane: 350 x 320 mm (13.7 x 12.5 in.)

SE3000 D: Single Lane: 510 x 510 mm (20 x 20 in.); Dual Lane: 510 x 320 mm (20 x 12.5 in.)

Field of View (FOV)

Standard MRS Sensor: 36 x 36 mm

Ultra-High Resolution MRS Sensor: 21 x 21 mm


Standard MRS Sensor: 18µm

Ultra-High Resolution MRS Sensor: 9µm

Minimum Component Size

Standard MRS Sensor:
0402 mm (01005 in.)

Ultra-High Resolution MRS Sensor:
0201 mm (008004 in.)

Component Height Clearance

Top: 50 mm (1.96 in.) ; Bottom: 30mm (1.18 in.)