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PX3000™ Custom 3D AOI system for Advanced Packaging

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PX3000™ Custom 3D AOI system provides the ultimate combination of high speed, high resolution and high accuracy for advanced packaging in JEDEC trays to improve yields and productivity. Powered by Multi-Reflection Suppression® (MRS®) Sensor Technology.

Metrology Grade Accuracy with 2 MRS sensors

The PX3000 is powered by CyberOptics’ breakthrough 3D sensing technology comprised of two MRS(R) Sensors for semiconductor advanced packaging inspection and metrology. PX3000 offers unmatched accuracy powered by the revolutionary MRS technology by meticulously identifying and rejecting reflection-based distortions caused by shiny components and surfaces. Effective suppression of multiple reflections is critical for accurate measurement, making MRS an ideal technology solution for a wide range of advanced packaging inspection and metrology applications including QFP, TSOP, BGA, and SMD.

Fast, Superior & Flexible Inspection Performance

The PX3000 with two MRS sensors, enables high-speed 3D inspection and throughput of (5x5) 24K UPH. The system includes in-line multiple grippers that minimize handling tact time, and smooth tray transfer and sorting. The system provides in-line defect review stations that auto sorts false calls and rejected units into appropriate trays after review. PX3000 is fully automation ready and both S2S8 and CE compliant. Optional tape and reel module also available.

Versatility for Wafer-Level and Advanced Packaging Applications

The 12-micron MRS Sensor incorporated in the PX3000 provides bottom side 3D inspection, capturing high quality, highly accurate images to detect balls, leads, and solder pads. The Ultra-High Resolution MRS sensor enhances the PX3000, delivering superior top side 3D inspection performance to detect defect types including marking, polarity, scratches, contamination and more.

Faster, Highly Accurate Coordinate Measurement (CMM) Suite

CyberCMM™, a comprehensive software suite of coordinate measurement tools, provides highly accurate, 100% metrology-grade measurement on all critical points much faster than a traditional CMM, including coplanarity, distance, height and datum X, Y to name a few. A fast and easy set-up can be programmed for complex applications as compared to slow, engineering resource-intensive set-up that typically requires multiple adjustments with traditional coordinate measurement machines (CMMs).
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