CT Scanning System

DeskTom CT Scanner

Get a Complete 3D Capture of Your Part with High Accuracy and Resolution 3D CT Scanners

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Real Time Scanning for Fast Measurements

Attain measurements in real time with high resolution digital radioscopy

Attains highly precise measurements

Capture highly accurate measurements at 10µm Accuracy with Resolution to 4µm

High accuracy motorized rotation and 3 Axis translations

Provides easy-to-use 3D scanning capabilities and a compact footprint

3D micro and computed tomography system

No maintenance (Sealed Micro-focus tube) 130-150 kV

Easily program precision motorized motions axes (X,Y, Z, Rotary) programmable

Versatile for a variety of applications and parts

Easily verify structure of 3D printed metal parts

Attain external and Internal Surface Geometry output as .STL for use with popular 3D Scan Data Processing software

Add an optional 3D Visualization and post processing software suite to fit any application: Inspection, Reverse Engineering, Analysis, Porosity, Fiber Alignment, Wall Thickness, Comparison to CAD 3D Color Maps and much more.

Full inspection volume 18 cm (7”) x 23 cm (9”)

Larger Work Volumes available with EasyTom CT Systems

Versatile for a Variety of Applications and Parts

DeskTom CT Scanners are compact x-ray inspection (CT) machines allowing collection of complex internal and external geometry. Parts fabricated from materials such as plastics, ceramics, composites, aluminum, iron and steel can be measured and efficiently evaluated. Internal structures and assemblies as well as fiber analysis and porosity can easily be visualized, analyzed and documented.

Highest Resolution

4 µm (JIMA & QRM Charts)

Maximum Scanned Volume (ØxH) *

180 mm x 250 mm
* The sample size can exceed the maximum scanned volume

Maximum Sample Weight

2 kg

Flat Panel X-ray Detector
(Other detectors available
on request)

Active Area: 20 cm x 25 cm
Pixel Pitch: 127 µm
Pixel Matrix: 1920 x 1536
Frame Rate: 1-60 fps

X-ray Generator (Option 1)

Maximum Voltage 130 kV
Maximum Power 39 W
Minimum Focal Spot Size 5 µm

X-ray Generator (Option 2)

Maximum Voltage 150 kV
Maximum Power 75 W
Minimum Focal Spot Size 5 µm