Software for WaferSense® and ReticleSense®

CyberSpectrum™ Software

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Next-Generation Platform

CyberSpectrum™ is a powerful yet extremely simple software with an intuitive interface providing numerical and visual feedback for real-time measurement and analysis for multiple applications. Applications include leveling, vibration and airborne particle sensing with compatibility coming soon for all CyberOptics semiconductor sensors.


See the Full Spectrum

  • CyberSpectrum offers multi-application functionality with the WaferSense and ReticleSense lines of devices, while also providing control to run multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Receive and record data in real-time on your laptop with this easy-to-use software that includes multi-touch controls.
  • Count on accurate, precise, reliable and repeatable results that save time and expense compared to traditional or legacy methods.
  • Compare past and present data as well as one tool to another easier and faster without opening an additional application with Review functionality integrated in CyberSpectrum.