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NanoResolution MRS Sensor Delivers Fast, Precise 3D Inspection and Measurement for Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Applications

The semiconductor packaging industry continues to advance, with new designs adding more layers, finer features and more I/O channels to achieve faster connections, higher bandwidth and lower power consumption. As packaging technologies have evolved, manufacturers have adapted old processes and adopted new processes to connect chips to each other and to the outside world. Often these new processes use front-end-like tools and techniques to perform back-end tasks, blurring the traditionally sharp distinction between the two ends. This area of overlap has been called the middle-end and its growing importance has created an increasing need for specialized, high-precision measurement and inspection capabilities to detect defects and improve process control. The new NanoResolution MRS (multiple reflection suppression) sensor uses phase shift profilometry, an automated optical inspection technology, to address these needs.


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