CyberOptics Demonstrates How to Significantly Speed Semiconductor Processes for Measuring Relative Humidity

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WaferSense® and ReticleSense® deliver 3 compelling bottom lines.

Save Time ~ 88% reduction, half the manpower

Save Expense ~95% reduction

Increase Throughput ~20X

What can the WaferSense and Reticle Sense Auto Multi Sensors  do for your fab?

Speed equipment qualification with wireless measurements.

Collect and display acceleration, vibration, leveling and humidity data.

Monitor humidity in wafer environments.

Use the Auto Multi Sensor with MultiView™ and MultiReview™ software for real-time equipment diagnostics.

See the effects of adjustments in real-time, speeding equipment alignment and set-up.

Shorten equipment maintenance cycles with thin and lightweight wafer-like form factor.

Thinner 3.5mm form factor provides access to more chambers.

Operates at higher temperatures.

Keep the process areas unexposed to the fab environment with vacuum compatible AMS.

Lower equipment maintenance expenses and enhance process uniformity with objective and reproducible data.

Take the human element out of adjusting your equipment with objective measurements for multiple applications in one.

Make the right adjustments time after time.

Receive early warning for impending equipment failures and optimize your preventative maintenance plans.