QX600-L™ | Maximum Flexibility, Absolute Performance (Large Board)

The QX600-L™ AOI system is designed to deliver utmost flexibility to support inspection of all board sizes. It is specially crafted for customers with large board requirements and can cater to board sizes all the way up to 510(L) x 590(W) mm. This unique blend of flexibility and high performance makes it an ideal inspection solution for EMS - covering all applications ranging from small consumer electronics to large telecom server products. Powered by dual SIMs (Strobed Inspection Module) with a high sensor resolution of 12µm, you get flawless images that perfectly complement true, defect review. Our AOI suite of products are all part of a big extended family, which means, you can easily share programs created on one system with another - giving you complete freedom to transfer and reuse programs on any CyberOptics' system in your factory.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Dual, high-resolution (12µm) Strobed Inspection Modules (SIM)
  • Ultimate flexibility for accurate inspection of all board sizes
  • Fast, simplified programming with SAM and AI2 technologies
  • 01005 inspection capability
  • Lowest false call rate
  • AOI-SPI Correlation Analysis with CyberConnect™
  • One-step programming solution with ePM-SPI/AOI
Board Width 50 x 590 mm
Board Length 50 x 510mm
Resolution 12µm pixel size
Inspection Speed 200cm²/sec

Data Sheets