QX500-D™ | Optimum Performance At Astonishing Speed (Dual Lane)

QX500-D™ features a smart conveyor design solution providing maximum flexibility to cater to varying PCB (printed circuit board) widths. This unique design gives you the convenience of inspecting different lanes or even switching from dual lane to single lane mode to inspect large boards. You can also inspect different programs on different lanes as well as perform synchronous or asynchronous inspection.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Largest Board Handling capability with support for asynchronous inspection on separate lanes
  • On-the-fly inspection using SIM (Strobed Inspection Module) at 200cm²/sec
  • Supports different program on each lane
  • 01005 inspection capability
  • Easy programming, lowest false call rates with SAM (Statistical Appearance Modeling)
  • One-step programming solution with ePM-SPI/AOI
  • AOI-SPI Correlation Analysis with CyberConnect™

Data Sheets