QX100™ | Tabletop With In-Line Performance

The QX100™ AOI system redefines tabletop inspection by combining the performance of an in-line inspection system with the flexibility of a tabletop system. The system features CyberOptics’ unique image acquisition technology, the SIM, and is capable of inspecting component sizes down to 01005. The sleek QX100™ is powered by AI² (Autonomous Image Interpretation), a next-generation image analysis technique. With AI², programming gets faster – with a dramatic 90 percent reduction in examples, and simpler – with full support for unsupervised and semi-automatic model training, helping you setup models effortlessly. Inspection programs created on QX100™ can be directly transferred to our in-line AOI systems (QX600, QX100i).

Key Features & Benefits

  • World's fastest tabletop at 200cm²/sec
  • True, in-line inspection capability with unique image acquisition technology – SIM (Strobed Inspection Module)
  • Fully unsupervised and semi-automatic model training with AI² (Autonomous Image Interpretation) Technology
  • Faster programming with 90% reduction in examples and simplified model setup
  • One-step programming with ePM-SPI/AOI
  • Ideal for high-mix, low volume environment
Board Width 50 x 320 mm
Board Length 50 x 330 mm
Resolution 17µm pixel size
Inspection Speed Up to 200cm²/sec

Data Sheets